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looks just like sean happy on the dance floor. or is that bill o'reilly? no. i think it's bill shaw. he's in management. looks like one of the guys here at fox. good night from washington. see you monday night. here? >> if they watch fox business we can demand it. >> eric: i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: well, friday the 13th end of another unlucky week for the obama campaign. jobs, none. taxes up. american city bankrupt. what is a good campaign manager to do? drive the debate away from jobs and economy. create buzz elsewhere. boos. bain and bank accounts, buzz. they're so obvious. >> i'm going to ask you flat out. do you think romney went to
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houston, do you think he went to houston to gin up a racist vote? do you think so? yes or no? yes or no? >> i can't say yes, but i cannot dismiss it. >> ask themselves why does an american businessman need a swiss bank account and secretive investment like that? >> oh, boy. obama campaign is shaking shiny objects over, there but did they cross the line here? >> either mitt romney threw his own words and his own signature was misrepresenting his position at bain to the sec, which is a felony. or he was misrepresenting his position at bain to the american people to avoid responsibility for some of the consequences of his investmen investment. >> eric: really? they don't want to talk about the economy now, do they? what about this? >> greg: i love the idea of linking romney to felonies when you consider where president obama's political machinery operates from.
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chicago, where if every criminal wore orange jump suit it would look like bag of cheetos. >> eric: you know what south chicago is in? crook county. right, bob? what about it, ange? krauthammer, we have a sound bite from krauthammer later. but really? >> andrea: this is such a stretch. this is a stretch that even jane fonda would say it's overreach. arobic? talk about this. yes, get it done in the family trait. his uncle omar, illegal immigrant picked up for driving drunk. and then there was tooney living as illegal immigrant in boston. i believe in "dreams of my father" he talked about snorting cocaine, which is
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still criminal behavior. it would be careful to throw stones. >> eric: is it a sign of desperation to start calling romney felon? >> dana: in the opening you said they had an unlucky week. they made their own luck. they are having to deal it with. it could have been a week that all the newspapers would have ran a story saying the comeback of the obama campaign. bad april, bad may, but they're back and on top. then they ruined it. if i had been a press secretary on the campaign and they said tomorrow we want you to raise the question, banned phrase, about romney being a felon, i would have said are you out of your minds? what is your evidence? not only have they been brushed back by the fellow democrats there is evidence from fortune magazine saying it's not true, then you can't have it both ways. you can't sate romney is squeaky clean too white, too weird too mormon guy and say he is a felon and then say we are raising a question.
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>> bob: you forgot about his fifth cousin picked up for shoplifting. don't forget that. a felony committed here. somebody decided to commit a felony. but fact like saying it was an oversight. a three-year oversight that you list a guy as ceo for three years? he says he wasn't. wait. he said he wasn't ceo. he campaigned on that and he filed 20 states saying that he wasn't. he was on the papers for three years. that campaign is incompetent enough to allow it to happen. somebody here did something that was felonious. >> eric: put up the romney response. if it were a felony, it would arrive from him lying or deceiving the sikh. i don't believe he did it in any way. this is romney's response.
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president obama ought to apologize for the out of control behavior of the staff that demeans the office he holds. campaigns are supposed to be -- >> bob: why is that a response? all that is doing is reflecting it over to obama campaign. >> get rest in here. statements like those made by stephanie cutter, belittle the process and the candidate on whose behalf? >> bob: say why? >> andrea: backed off the two, by the way. >> eric: a good chance -- let me do this. a good chance lying to the sikh on a publicly traded company, may be a felony. bain capital isn't publicly traded company. stock held by the company. there may be a distinction that cutter didn't know when she made the statement. >> greg: mitt should not expect an apology. >> bob: apology? >> greg: he won't. >> dana: you call somebody and say -- that accusation is
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something i think mitt romney might be mad. he will be on shows tonight and we'll see. he keeps himself in check, i like. but a lot of people want to see emotion. this was a sign of desperation by the campaign. >> the administration is accusing him of lying about having a job. or wait a minute, guys. worse. held a job at the same time. wait. then on independence day, he took his wife on a vacation. not intern. they wrote a jet ski. america, the man must be stopped. >> eric: you can talk about his -- >> bob: you can talk about the cousins and second cousins. >> andrea: that is what i'm saying. it's a stretch for me to do it. >> bob: somebody didn't tell the truth on the filing. period. >> eric: you are making a good point. felony or not a felony, remains to be -- >> greg: eric, he is on to something. i believe, i think eric holder needs to investigate mitt
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romney. perhaps romney sold those guns that killed the mexicans. >> bob: do you think it's okay to sign that? >> greg: i read an article that said top democrats working for obama said nothing happened. >> bob: if the law says you need to sign -- >> greg: they say -- >> bob: do you find it okay? >> greg: sources are named in the article. >> dana: is sources are on the record saying it's not true. you have a source saying i'm sure he did. >> bob: the law says you have to sign who the ceo. >> dana: i don't know what happened here. when you are trying to deal with the government and trying to make sure all the eyes are dotted and "ts" are crossed you overcompensate. remember chief justice roberts going through the confirmatio confirmation. it was revealed he was a lobbyist. he's never lobbied but the law firm took every partner to register them as lobbyists to
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be covered under the law. obama campaign to hang their hat on this on a week they could have won this week. instead they lost. >> bob: for mitt romney to file in 20 states saying he was not ceo, you find nothing wrong with that? >> andrea: i don't. >> bob: my god. you are in the weeds with the family tree. >> andrea: that is the point. >> eric: my opinion one of the smartest people in politics and we had a discussion if he was on the documents, and he was going to have to defend this at some point because the obama administration give them credit, do their homework and dig through everything they need to do. why doesn't he bring that out at the beginning of the campaign. >> dana: they haven't done anything wrong. >> bob: you don't think it's wrong to say you're the ceo -- >> andrea: that is an interesting point. that is what the administration wants. they want mitt romney to have to respond to each of the grasping at straw attack. there is i think a danger in responding to all of these different things.
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every time he responds he gets off message of the economy. we are so far in details, the voters are going what? romney is a felony? >> bob: are you excusing because it's romney? >> andrea: lying because having a job? >> bob: lying to say you are not the ceo when you are listed as the ceo. >> dana: she is saying, i point you to fortune magazine, not necessarily a crazy source that says they have documents that say this attempt by the obama campaign is erroneous. i'm sure that the campaign is trying to back pedal and they will think of something else. we'll probably have some other scand to deal with. >> eric: take a listen. last night from sean hannity's show. >> bob: there is an up-to-date guy. >> look, can you imagine how dumb this president is
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introducing felony in discourse when the president comes out of chicago politics where felony and politics are a synonym sometimes? this is a president whose next door neighbor was tony rescoe. >> greg: i find it hilarious that obama finds romney more threatening than hugo chavez. a period that occupy wall street was trying to find their inspirational leader. there he was all along. all barack obama needed was drone and headlight and henna tattoo. he is waging a war against -- that is what this is. >> bob: the president of the united states is a liar and this is the same guy that took government expense and airplane to get teeth fixed in new york? are you kidding me? he as as much creditability to call someone a liar as i do -- >> dana: the might be ral tack tic to of going after the messenger. a point of the booing at the naacp, if i could. the thing tha that amazes me abt the story, 2004, vfw, john
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kerry was booed. the attack from the media were all about how awful the audience was. now romney goes and he is booed, the attacks from the left is it's romney's baiting of them to boo them to use it as a campaign thing. how can both things be true? >> greg: the way they attack george bush. he's an id yoit and evil genius. either romney is stupid or machiavellian. he is not as machiavellian as i wish he was. >> andrea: it's foolish for them to bring up in 2001 mitt romney was either running the olympics very well, or he was ceo of a company while president obama was -- what was he doing? let me think. organizing picnics. >> eric: look at what we are doing here. that is what cable news television show on the planet. five of rus sitting here.
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we let one guy talk to us about boos and if he a felon or not. not talking about 8.2% unemployment. three american cities are bankrupt. >> bob: you made that in your open very, very clearly. like you always do. he got boos, simple. two weeks out in campaign in blue color districts. that's why. >> greg: romney cannot win or lose. romney was himself and labeled a racist. if he tried to change himself like hillary did, where you speak, you change the way you speak for an audience then he would have been a racist, too. he can't win with you. >> eric: leave it there. coming up, president obama finally confessed. some say it's about time. others say give me a break! we have the tape, next. ♪ ♪
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my first couple of years was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right. and that is important. but the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the american people that gives them a sense of unity, and purpose, and optimism. especially during tough times. >> andrea: you just heard president obama declaring what he thinks has been the biggest mistake of his presidency. not being a good enough story teller. yes, so i'm going to be a little mr. rogers/burton myself. once upon a time there was president named barack obama. he ballooned the debt to staggering $15.8 trillion. he kept unemployment over 8% since taking office. let's have college grads
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unemployed and at the same time went on vacation and played a lot of golf. the end. does that sound like the story -- >> bob: i didn't know all that. okay. that's good. let's throw away the personal disasters and see -- everybody blame him for it. he was the best communicator in office and the worst communicator. he is right. he didn't do a very good job. selling his policies, as a result of that, he allowed it to get out front. now he found out when they ruled on healthcare, polls closed up on the issue. he should have been out front and he wasn't. maybe he thought the policy was the right thing to do. for anybody to say i didn't communicate, i find disturbing. >> andrea: isn't it that he does tell a good story? told a great story in 2008. >> greg: i love the anecdote of sick people, he had the anecdotes.
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i quet his frustration. virtually all of hollywood, tv print media were behind you. you are obviously going to have trouble getting the story out when you have no allies. bunch of baloney. it's also a fake whine. what he was saying is america just wasn't ready for my evolveed intellect. 20 years from now they will look back and go professor obama was right. >> bob: all the media people you are talking about, show me one pirn, one organization? >> greg: i'm joking. come over here and give me the heimlich. who carries water for healthcare? 99% of the media. what did chris matthews say before -- >> bob: we are talking about the media. >> andrea: dana i have a theory on this. sigmund freud had a theory of projection. projecting. obama is expert projector. his story now is mitt romney is a bad businessman and he outsources and secretive. take a listen.
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>> mr. romney is responsible for, the proposals he put forward for how he says he will fix the economy. >> this is the most secretive candidate we have seen frankly since probably since richard nixon. >> governor romney experience has been in owning companies that were called pioneers of outsourcing. >> andrea: tall tale, what do you think? projection. >> dana: there is a great column in the "new york daily news" about how people do this and you don't realize if they're doing it. i don't know if they realize they are doing it, they don't is psychiatry degrees. on this thing not being good enough communicator is a lazy question from the media. every single reporter when they get a chance to interview a president they ask every president. what could you have bonn differently? they look at -- what was the mistake that you made?
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a canned question with a canned answer. i've used it myself. what would have been better for president obama had he said i'm not worried about the mistakes because i'm focused on the second term and this is what i want to do for america going forward. boom. done. change the subject. >> greg: can i make a point. talking about the competency of romney, the only thing obama ran before the presidency was his stockings. >> bob: i heard that rumor myself. >> andrea: support hose. go ahead. >> eric: you don't want me to go, do you? obama says the biggest mistake was the communication skills or lack of the communication. but he promised it would cost $960 billion. now it's $2.6 trillion. how about he promised unemployment wouldn't go up above 8%. mistake therein, if he gave it a $1 trillion wouldn't go up over 8%.
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mistake therein. the biggest mistake of them all. no to the keystone xl pipeline. he said yes to solyndra and beacon energy. they'reca putz. bankrupt. a lot of our money. >> andrea: it should be pointed out in the same interview with cbs he said romney is not qualified enough to handle the economy. >> bob: he is not. >> andrea: and obama is? >> bob: by far. >> andrea: this is what happens in relationships. people go you're cheating, you're cheating, you're cheating. actually the person with the accusations is the cheater. president obama is not -- >> dana: you're not projecting, are you? >> andrea: he invokeed executive privilege, college transcript. he outsourced the jobs to stimulus. he outsourced his vacation to spain! >> bob: do you have any interest in knowing who romne romney's bundlers are?
11:23 pm
any interest? you raise transparency. obama if he had gone out and sold and used the skills to sell the healthcare bill, it would have been better. this is an excuse late in game. he could have made it better in doing that. the idea that romney is hedge fund operator knows about the economy when he never ran a company except for bain. >> andrea: we got to go. >> bob: debt of wounded companies -- >> andrea: got to go. sorry, bob. coming up, rumors are rampant now that condoleezza rice is on romney's short list of being v.p. we look at the pros and cons of putting her on the ticket up next. ♪ ♪
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mitt romney said he will announce his vice presidential running mate soon. experts say ohio senator rob
11:28 pm
portman or senator griffin. how do you like rob portman? how many like senator griffin? see that shows you how little we care about our vice presidents. there is no senator griffin. i just made that up. some people applauded. you get the government you deserve! >> dana: i had to think is there a senator griffin? i one sure. last night, drudge report as mitt romney gets closer to making a decision on his vice presidential choice, that condi rice is in the running. bill kristol talked about this on monday on "cavuto." >> if you want someone experienced, qualified, impressive, an interesting addition to the ticket, what about condoleezza rice? i would say i think the odds are pretty good she is considered more seriously than people realize. >> dana: the window closing on a decision. we got a report from the national journal this weekend for three days mitt romney will hole up and think about
11:29 pm
the decision. do you any he will make a decision before the convention? make an announcement? >> bob: sure. it takes time to vet these people. you generally try to get it done six weeks before the convention, because the amount of time it takes is enormous. having done it before, you find out things about people that you, well, imagine looking in to my background for example? >> andrea: it would take forever. >> bob: that's right. i think somebody is throwing this out as a ruse. two reason. remember, republicans wouldn't take joseph lieberman because of a right to life. he was pro-choice. i can't imagine they would take a pro-choice candidate again. secondly, as mark levin said, she has foreign policy experience where romney has none, but you have to restart the debate on the iraq war. it doesn't make any sense to me at all. there is only one choice. marco rubio. he may not take it but silly not to. >> dana: i would be remiss if i didn't say that conde rice is a good personal friend, somebody i considered a mentor when i was at the
11:30 pm
white house. it trust her. i just feel like for full disclosure. i don't think is necessarily true. one of the things people said eric, she said all along she is not interested. said today she would not serve if asked. dick cheney said the same thing until august of 2000. >> eric: again, mark levin said pick a damn conservative is what he said. you remember in the republican primary? the whole divide over whether mitt romney was a conservative or established republican, and then they pushed it and pushed and pushed and said don't worry, go with him. he can win. maybe it's time to pick an extreme conservative vice president. maybe it's marco rubio or paul ryan. kind of chris christie. any one of those would absolutely unify the right. far right conservatives would say you know what? we have a conservative vice president, vote that way. >> dana: when you make a vice presidential choice, when you think about this and who the vice president will be, do you think about who will help you electorally or who would be the best vice president?
11:31 pm
>> greg: i think you think about the potential consequences of what bob says. the past will come up. right now we are in that world. my choice for v.p. would be d.p., dana perino. but when they delve in her past and find out her whole mentoring program was a front for teenage slavery, it's over! >> eric: and ponzi scheme. >> dana: call it mentoring. >> greg: right. look into it, america. >> dana: go to the website. minute make a comment on conde. other people in the running rob portman came up. he is giving the republican radio address tomorrow morning. >> andrea: i want to know, if they would pick conde rice and the left goes crazy does it mean the left is racist? >> greg: and sexist. >> andrea: right. i'm not sure he goes with conde. i think obama's campaign would love to say george w. bush, george w. bush, george w. bush. car going back in the ditch
11:32 pm
and conde is driving it. >> dana: think of the video. >> andrea: exactly. one romney source told me months ago the goal of their campaign was to do no harm. and i think if they are going to do no harm, they will go with a safe bet, someone like rob portman, someone like -- >> eric: can i? >> andrea: very boring. >> eric: that is the problem with the romney campaign. >> bob: right. >> eric: i mentioned in the "a" block. they are defending boos, defending bank, defending bain. >> dana: not alcohol. >> eric: get off the defensehe . >> bob: you don't -- >> greg: they need alan west. it would blow everybody up. >> bob: it certainly would. >> dana: including bob's head. >> bob: if you are trying to become president don't play it safe. if you are incumbent, you say yes. the way they are doing this, if they take portman, it's not, vice presidents don't give you much. we know that. maybe a few points. rubio could give you a few points and win florida. the rest of the people -- >> andrea: playing a safe is
11:33 pm
a theme we talk about since the primary season. you argue, i've argued, we all argue, romney needs to fight back and be aggressive. i'm not sure he will go with the out of the box aggressive v.p. pick. >> dana: i like that he is saying he would make a decision he likes. if he is comfortable with portman or pawlenty or even rice, he will make that choice. >> bob: in the final analysis, president needs to feel comfortable with the running mate. >> eric: another name you will like. mitch daniel. >> dana: yeah. he just took a job at purdue university. i think he did take himself out of the running. condi rice would be excellent chief of staff. she has been secretary of state. she is great. >> andrea: doesn't she want to be the n.f.l. commissioner? >> dana: one day she just may be. and then he will take over the hockey? hockey? is it the hockey season? we're going to not talk about hockey. we'll talk about basketball. because n.b.a. star kobe bryant took a shot at michael jordan and the olympic dream team. there's a feud.
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that's next on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save yoby switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or, "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology, and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing-out, and yes, especially dollars. esurance. insurance for the modern world. click or call.
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five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to kittens today. npr science guy richard harris reports that americans don't feel guilty enough about their evil consumption. mining a survey of countries and their habits, he says they don't feel the pain that the disproportionate youth of the earth's resources warn. the only usage i feel guilty about is the electricity it
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takes to npr. change it to no public resources and see how long they gripe about us using up the world's energy supply. fat chance. democrats for big government ensures government will always look to fund the mouthpiece for the left. who should feel guilty? environmentalists for one who push the been a of ddt that allows malaria to kill tens of million of people. you never see that in hollywood movies. consider the disproportionate success. the richer a nation is the more the west wants to punish. you proved them wrong. greenies want to mask their failures. see al gore if you can find him. what should you feel guilty about? not calling your mom every day. not returning weights to the rack at the gym. leaving clothes on the dressing room store at old navy. nobody has to pick them up. not sending me photos of yourself in acrobatic poses. the earth will be here longer than me. so make every day with me
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count. >> eric: greg, i send you those poses all the time. you never send them back. >> greg: not of you. i asked for your wife. >> eric: ddt reference, very good. >> greg: i was going to talk about tap water, what they did to tap water with flour rine. do you not feel guilty enough about the terrible things we do? >> andrea: i was in a pretzel pose and i couldn't reach the camera. i'm sorry. do i feel guilty? the left made me feel guilty. i feel like if i put a bottle of water not in a trash can that is designated recycle, i feel like someone is going to impale me with a stone or newspaper in manhattan. i just want to point out is this the name npr that the headline this week "friendly skepticism greets romney at the naacp"? friendly skepticism? >> greg: the survey was done by national geographic. which makes me sad, bob, because i love national
11:42 pm
geographic. it was an entertaining read. now they're brainwashing people. >> bob: i'm not sure they are brainwashing but the reality is we consume much more per capita. create things. that is true. the question is not that we consume more. are we doing everything we can to consume less? which would be in everybody's interest. the anxious is clearly no -- the answer to that is clearly no. all of you fossil fuel fanatics believe we can drill our way out of this. alternative energy is the way to go. that is a legitimate argument. >> greg: tell it with a third world nation where they die from burning fabrics and -- yes, dung that kills them. they would love to have fossil fuels, i imagine. >> eric: does it make me a bad guy because i want to drive my suv and have my wife meet me at the barbecue and i open up the barbecue and put lighter fluid and make steaks. >> greg: i want to do it every day. >> bob: the amount of water
11:43 pm
wasted in this city alone, infrastructure dripping billion gallons of water a day. i was in the peace corps in philippines and that could have taken care of the entire area of the philippines that needed water. something to think about. >> greg: if only it would rain. shouldn't we be proud of the great stuff we do? >> dana: we should be. i know a little bit about this. we talk about economic growth. this is a winning issue for romney to talk about economic growth. >> greg: i can't wait to see this. >> dana: i don't know. >> greg: look at this. >> dana: okay. so here is the thing. if you are a country, third world country, i wrote down aritrea, you don't have a lot of output so you don't have pollution. as you grow as a country economically, your pollution goes up. so like china. but then there is a point where -- i can't remember what the curve is called. you turn the corner and you start spending your own money, your gdp, your economic money, your growth on things to help improve the environment. that's what we do here. we have rules that you have to
11:44 pm
have coal-fired plants, scrubbers, strip out the pollutant before it goes in the air. the best solution for improving the environment is strong and growing economy. >> greg: i think that is a good point. >> andrea: i just think -- we all agree we want a better environment. but spending all the taxpayer money to do it is where people -- >> greg: accepting all the energy and standards do nothing. we have to take a break. coming up, the olympic tension between team usa swimmers heats up. bob shorts it out now. if you leave now, i won't floss for a week. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: who in the hell came up with that music? yesterday we talked about the olympics. before we get into the aspect of them, we talked about the uniforms that were developed by ralph lauren. what is his name? some guy, right, makes uniforms.
11:49 pm
he makes these things. so they defended the uniform and said he is an iconic american company. and excited about the -- blah, blah, blah but made in china. i think china will put something in it to make athletes slower. leaving that aside. ralph lohan. >> andrea: now lindsay lohan's father. >> bob: whatever is it. >> andrea: polo, bob? >> eric: >> bob: now you have battle between the former and olympians -- current olympians. michael jordan took offense that kobe bryant said he thought their team would beat the great team of jordan when jordan's team won six in a row. the dream team. jordan took offense at that. >> eric: he should. very well should. the '92 dream team. won the gold. fantastic team. probably best team ever to be assembled on a basketball
11:50 pm
court. then and forever. no way, no way the dream team would destroy the team. although i hope we win the gold. >> bob: why would michael jordan get into it? >> eric: best team ever. >> bob: but you are talking about the american team. wouldn't you hold that criticism? >> eric: i don't know. >> dana: the only experience i have with men's basketball and olympics is -- >> greg: that weekend. >> dana: clearing this up for greg. i got to go to opening ceremonies in china, beijing in 2008. we had tickets to the men's basketball game. the crowd was going crazy. chinese were huge in american basketball. >> greg: why are you not bringing up the fact you were in the olympics? >> dana: for what? >> greg: strangling. >> bob: i don't know what is going on between, about this swimmers. a guy named tyler, a current
11:51 pm
u.s. swimmer. he jumped on michael phelps who last i count eight gold medals. he says he has a bad work ethic. what is that about? >> andrea: to win eight gold medals you need anything but work ethic. we're eating our own. we're supposed to fight the other countries. why are they talking smack about each other on basketball? why are they going after each other on this olympic team when they are supposed to win gold against other countries? >> eric: michael phelps if i'm not mistaken was caught spoking pot in the last couple of years, right? year-and-a-half ago. >> andrea: take them out back and shoot him. i don't understand the point. >> bob: what does that have to do with anything? >> eric: bad work ethic if you -- >> andrea: he admitted. he goes listen, i let myself go. i ate chetos and gained weight. he deserved it. >> eric: it's a big deal. it's illegal. as far as i last checked. can i point something out.
11:52 pm
badminton and synchronizeed swimming in the olympics but not baseball. >> andrea: i wasn't here yesterday. the uniforms look like a cross between thurton howell iii and che guevara. >> dana: they been a the che guevara t-shirt from the olympics. >> bob: first thing to been a is the french beret on the top of it. do anything with the french in the first place. anyway, one more thing is next. ♪ another cup of coffee? how long is this one going to last? forty-five minutes? an hour? well... listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. take one in the afternoon, and you'll feel alert and energized 'til the cows come home. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so what's it going to be, partner?
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5-hour energy. wise choice. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy.
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>> eric: time for one more thing. dana will kick it off. >> dana: everybody remembers forest gump. gary sinese played lieutenant dan. he has done a on the for wounded warriors and there is a documentary about the lieutenant dan band for the common good is what it's called. he started a band he plays all sort of places and they did a documentary about that. take a listen. >> in the wake of september 11, academy award nominated actor gary sinese and a group of fellow musicians hit the road. touring under a familiar name. >> he said i think we'll go with the lieutenant dan band. >> i said let's go do it. >> the group travels the globe honoring the sacrifices of
11:57 pm
service men and women and their families. >> people like gary sinese and others that come over there on the front lines to entertain our soldiers, give them a little piece of america. you can't say enough. they are part of the army. >> dana: everyone loves gary. we do at "the five." have a chance to check it out. if you want to learn more about the band, it's the >> eric: great stuff. all right. one of my favorite toms of all time tom petty "running down a dream" with unof my favorite congressman of all time, alan west. you put them together and you get this. >> ♪ we're running down the dream ♪ ♪ never tom to me ♪ working on victory ♪ going wherever it leads ♪ running down a dream >> eric: great job, lieutenant control loll. greg? >> greg: i'm going to a chilling tape. roll this. very disturbing two goates,
11:58 pm
one board. the goats name is goatee and gizmo. surfing in california. i told you, i said this before. once we have gay marriage, this is what is next. you have goats surfing. it's gisting. i want it to stop. thanks, obama. >> dana: china looks at us and thinks they got us peggeded. >> andrea: the goats are doing better than i would do i have to say. since the theme of the obama administration campaign this time around is why we should elect an unsuccessful president, i thought i would point out that citibank, on their website has been pushing offshore bank accounts. they talk about all the advantages that you can save, that you can hold a portion of your wealth outside of your home. they go on and on and on. let's say who is the executive at citibank? yes, it would be jack lew, obama's current chief of staff. the man in charge of offshore bank accounts, works for
11:59 pm
president. >> greg: who is their spokesperson? alec baldwin. >> andrea: he does bank of america bank which is where they are going to head the convention. the democratic convention. >> dana: big bank, they're all the same. >> bob: we have had an extraordinary week on "the five." the audience has been terrificic. thank you very much. we talk about everybody else here. those of us who sit here at this table have a great job. it's a wonderful thing to do. but we overlook the people who are sitting with us right now. camera men and the stage directors and people who do sound and the people back there who do makeup that can turn someone ugly as me to presentable enough not to scare your kids away from the screen, don't think. they deserve credit. they do a wonderful job. they make it look great. we want to thank them very much and hard work. we wan to thank you. >> dana: except for oscar. >> andrea: oscar! we love you oscar. >> dana: love oscar. >> eric: by the

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